Expertise and Qualification

We train our professionals with practical activities to keep our operations within our quality standards

Technology and Efficiency

We develop innovative solutions to optimize efficiency, agility and smart operations

Customer Relationship

Transparency, feedback and continuous improvement of technologies and services


Drilling operations and technological solutions for oil and gas operators.

Geological Services

Advanced and specialized geological analysis.

Mud Logging

Agility, operational security and efficiency


Integrated solutions and real-time data analytics


Gas Oil Logging While Drilling (GOLD)
Automated Mud Logging (AUTOMUD)
Geowellex Tech Center


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About us

Field operations and technology solutions for energy companies around the world

Our Mission

Offer excellence in Geological Services, Mud Logging and Formation Evaluation, combining knowledge, experience and technology to provide agile and reliable solutions for our partners.

Our Vision

To become one of the biggest references in reliability and quality in Geological Services, Mud Logging, Drilling and Advanced Analysis services for the energy industry.

Our Values

Valuing human capital, focus on partners and customers, honesty, ethics and commitment to QHSE (Quality, Health, Safety and Environment)